Mathematica specialises in teaching just one subject well. The team understands the learning requirements of different student groups, based on their age, maturity levels and specific examination requirements. Mathematica offers classes Class 5 onwards.

Foundation: Class 5 – Class 7
Following the core idea of LET’S START EARLY, Mathematica believes in starting at the Class 5 level and preparing students for a very strong understanding of Mathematical concepts throughout their academic life. No magic tricks or shortcuts, clear thinking and practice. This is a critical time in the life of a student. They will either learn the right concepts at this stage and will always be able to use them; or this time will just draw a blank and they will forever fear the subject knowing that they do not stand on firm ground. So, LET’S START EARLY!
School-leaving Board Examination: Class 8 – Class 10
This course prepares students for their first public examination, the Class 10 Board Examination. The specially designed curriculum slowly builds the understanding levels of students first and then prepares them for the Board Examination. Rome wasn’t built in a day! It takes time to slowly mould students and prepare them the right away so that they are confident going into any examination. Their confidence ahead of the examination will depend on their levels of understanding and practice; and both of these are strong focuses at Mathematica.
High School: Class 11 – Class 12
Whether we like it or not, getting into College depends on the Class 12 marksheet; and the Class 12 marksheet depends very heavily on the marks obtained in Mathematics. This is where one cannot leave things to chance. Marks are a good thing – let’s get into the habit of being among the marks. Let’s get into the best colleges and pursue our dreams. LET’S START EARLY!
MBA Entrance
Quantitative Aptitude is a significant portion of the MBA Entrance Examination (CAT or any other). If you think you need time to prepare your basics in Mathematics before you can join an MBA Entrance preparatory tutorial, Mathematica can help you prepare a solid foundation at your own pace. Very often, if you join a class with lots of other students whose understanding of the fundamentals of Mathematics is far better than yours, you tend to get intimated and also, the class progresses to the next topic much faster, leaving you far behind in more ways than one. Taking the time to master your basics before taking any preparatory classes, may be a really good decision. Mathematica can help you really improve your basic concepts and prepare you for when you start preparing for the MBA Entrance examination. With Mathematica, your understanding of Quant may even be better than that of those around you.
Section D of the CA-CPT is on Quantitative Aptitude and carries 50 marks. While most students prepare for the Examination at a preparatory tutorial, some may still want to prepare their basic Math separately. Mathematica helps you do that at your own pace. With everyone preparing all the topics together, someone who has prepared Mathematics separately will always have the edge.
Banking and other such examinations
Recruitment in prestigious banks follows a stringent recruitment process, which, among other things, measures the candidate’s quantitative aptitude. Mathematica can help you prepare your Math separately, before you start preparing for the Banking Services recruitment examinations. With multiple choice type questions, the key is speed. But, before speed comes clarity. Only a specialist can help you build a solid foundation of the fundamental concepts before you start working on speed.
For the love of Mathematics
Some of us grownups may have been good at Math when we were at school, some of us well, we had friends! Some of us sometimes find some of the calculations at work somewhat baffling and wish we could understand how the various business models were configured. Whatever may be your reason, there is never a wrong time to brush up your numerical ability and mathematical concepts. Get in touch with us and we are sure we can work something out together. Let’s make a difference with Mathematica.